Hey 2015, you’ve been alright.

It seems like the resounding sentiment that floods my social media newsfeeds and conversations at the end of every year is basically, “Fuck this year. It sucked.” I’ve definitely felt that way a few times over the years, but I don’t feel that way this year. The year 2015 has actually been pretty damn good to me.

Sure, I started the year off with about a week in bed recovering from a surgery to remove a pesky ovarian cyst. On the bright side, I didn’t lose an ovary, but I did lose about 20 pounds because I had my IUD removed during that surgery. The surgery diet of saltines and pain-killers also really helps kick-start the weight loss thing.

I traveled overseas for the first time to visit Harrison’s brother who was studying abroad in Istanbul, Turkey. I didn’t even get a training-wheel country like The U.K. or France; I went straight to Asia Minor. I also got to see more of the Northeastern part of the U.S. when we traveled for a wedding.

I started to redevelop relationships with my brothers and my sister. I went a long time without speaking to them. It’s a long story, but it’s nice to have them back around.

Of course nothing’s ever perfect, but when it’s pretty damn good or simply without catastrophe, I’ll take it.

Happy New Year, you beautiful badass people!

Enjoy this little ditty sung by a two people who are way cooler than me.


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