I’m tired. I’m sad. I’m pissed.

I haven’t been as active here in the last month because I can’t find it in me to be funny at the moment. It seems like every time I open up Facebook or Twitter and scroll through the news, there is something awful happening somewhere in this country, and I am so incredibly exhausted. In the last month, I’ve posted about toxic masculinity in reference to a privileged piece-of-crap who raped an unconscious woman and more or less got away with it, 48 people who died at a gay bar in Orlando because of an evil human who was able to get a gun despite the fact that he was suspected of being dangerous. Oh and then I wrote some half-assed, poorly written crap about how much I like the Hamilton Soundtrack. I really do like the Hamilton Soundtrack, but I was just looking for something that wasn’t awful to write about, and even in that, the underlying sentiment was that we have the ability to make things better because they’re kind of awful right now.

So what the fuck are we going to do about it? Seriously. I’m asking. And if you’re not in the mood to read another opinion about any of this—Bye, Felicia. It’s my blog, not yours.

If I see or hear one more white person say, “All lives matter,” or post some fucking meme on the internet about Blue Lives or some bullshit about “playing a race card,” I may actually scream. I seriously saw a meme that said, “How about all lives matter? Not black lives, not white lives. Get over yourself. No one’s life is more important. Put away your race card and grow up.” I was so infuriated when I read that. I’m infuriated just thinking about about it. I also just corrected the grammar of what was actually on the meme. I mean, if you’re going to post something so idiotic, you could at least make sure the grammar is correct. The person who posted this is the same former co-worker who told me I should be getting married, so I think our Facebook friendship is over. Ignorance may be bliss, but ignorance also makes you an asshole.

I am pissed that black men are repeatedly murdered because some shitty, racist police officers operate from a place of fear and hate. If you’re a cop, I think it’s time to take really hard look inward and be honest with yourself. Do you have a fear of black men for no reason at all? Do you make assumptions about their character? Yeah? GO DO SOMETHING ELSE! How about we take this one step further? If you peaked in high school, are pissed off that no one gives an ounce of a shit that you were the quarterback of your high school football team located in the middle of bumfuck nowhere, and you want a job that gives you power over people, leading you to victimize poor people and minorities, you should also GO DO SOMETHING ELSE! You could work your way into management at a Walmart where you’ll also work shit hours but make a bunch of money while your employees are all on government assistance. Seems perfect, but you don’t get a deadly weapon. So we’re all better off.

I’m also pissed that some loner/psychopath/shit stain on humanity decided the answer to this problem was to kill and injure a bunch of cops who were doing their jobs the way it’s supposed to be done. THAT IS ALSO NOT FUCKING OKAY! That moron delayed any productive conversations that had been started about this issue.

I don’t have to choose a fucking side here. As a matter of fact, if you are of the opinion that this is an issue requiring people to choose sides, YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM! I want racist piece-of-shit cops on a power trip to lose their fucking jobs and go to prison when they MURDER people, and I want good cops to be able to serve and protect without some lunatic shooting them from a fucking parking garage.

There’s no easy answer, but there will be no answer at all until we all wake the fuck up and accept that we have a problem here.

Hey white people! Racism is still a thing, and I don’t give a shit if that makes you uncomfortable. Yeah, sure, all lives matter. What you aren’t hearing is that not a single person ever said otherwise. But your indifferent, apathetic, unfeeling ass does not get to speak unless you are willing to recognize that there are people in this country whose lives are treated as less valuable than yours. Period.

Hey Police! You have a problem, and you need to address it. You have shitheads working for you. No, not everyone, but clearly, there are enough people who suck at this job that this is a repeated issue. How is it that I have training in de-escalating difficult situations with other people at my cubicle farm job, but this seems to be a novel idea for cops who deal with things that actually matter, like whether or not they should fire their gun?

Every single person has a choice every time they interact with another human. You could be a dick or you could not be a dick. Please make the right choice. I am so exhausted with human beings and their bullshit right now. Stop fighting. Put your fucking guns down. Stop killing each other. We really need to get our shit together. If I’m being honest, I dislike more people than I like, and I don’t really care to make new friends beyond the few close ones I currently have. I’m a cynic, I’m skeptical about everything, but somehow I find it in me to NOT BE A FUCKING DICK ALL THE TIME. I say “please” and “thank you,” and I fucking treat people like humans. I don’t have to like someone to respect their existence. If I can be nice to people, I promise you can do it too.

As much as I believe in the power of kindness and respect, I also recognize that it only goes so far, and the people in charge need to do their jobs. Here’s the thing—they’re doing fuck-all right now, so it seems we’re on our own. What choice will you make when you leave your house to go be among other humans?

Maybe I’ll be back with something funny next time. Have a nice day.

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