Educate yourself; educate your kids

I’ve been absent for a bit. Sorry about that. I was on a vacation that was not nearly as relaxing as I hoped it would be and went back to work less than 8 hours after we got home from the airport. That means burnout, folks. Basically, I haven’t felt like opening my laptop or communicating with anyone I wasn’t obligated to communicate with.


I feel that I must say something about the big story in the news this week. I’m talking about the Stanford rape (yes, it’s rape) case. Most stories that go viral on the internet lead to comments sections full of ridiculous arguments. This seems a bit different because it would appear that the people of the internet are on the same page with this one.

Obviously, it’s infuriating, sickening, disgusting, revolting, and any other adjective one might use to describe something heinous. I think what upsets me most is that this shit stain of a human was caught in the act and his narrative his still that of blame instead of taking responsibility for his actions. Somehow he seems to be the victim in his mind, his father’s mind, and the judge’s mind. How does this happen? How does his lawyer sleep at night? It’s mind-boggling to me. How can his father have the audacity to talk about how his kid doesn’t eat rib-eye steak anymore? Are you kidding me? This woman lost her sense of safety and security because of these “20 minutes of action.” Those are basic human needs, and you’re talking about red meat? What the literal fuck is wrong with you?

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 10.54.27 PM

What courage this woman has, though. I hope that you have taken some time and read her statement. If not, please do. This woman possesses so much strength. The world needed to hear her story in the detail she gave. She put an indescribable event into words, and thank goodness for her.

The layers of shit in this case are bountiful. Not only does the lack of appropriate punishment here reveal the mistreatment of campus rape cases even more, but there are issues of race, privilege (the kind that comes with money and being white), and the value that is placed on a man’s well-being over that of a woman’s. You know, a harsher punishment would have a “severe impact on him.”


I thought about a documentary I watched recently about how we raise boys. Clearly, this steaming pile of feces resembling a human was raised to believe that he could have whatever he wanted, because money and because penis. If things are going to change, it has to start with boys. Women can be told their whole lives that they can do anything and be anything, but if 50% of the population consists of humans who are raised to believe emotions and sensitivity make them less masculine, and instead they are told to “be a man,” “grow some balls,” and “stop being a pussy,” change will never happen.

This isn’t about alcohol, and it’s not about girls dressing in such a way that they are “asking for it.” That’s not a thing. This is much bigger. I beg of anyone who may read this, educate yourself, and if you have kids, educate them. If you have boys, teach them that women are not things to be attained but humans of equal value and worth.

Here’s trailer for The Mask You Live In.  Seriously, I highly recommend it.


I don’t want this to seem that I’m making light of anything, but it seems like as good a time as any to share this video as well. If you have any questions about consent, I hope this clear something up for you.

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