Why did it have to be Prince?

This one hurts.

We’ve lost a lot of people this year, but this one really breaks my damn heart. I have such vivid memories of my dad blasting music in our house on weekend afternoons. The Purple Rain soundtrack was one of the albums that was frequently added to our 6-CD changer and played over the the giant speakers that stood in our living room and filled the whole house. I remember sitting in the living room while my dad watched Purple Rain on television. I was probably too young to be watching it, but he didn’t say anything. Thank goodness he didn’t. It stuck with me.

The Purple Rain soundtrack was one of the first records I bought when I got a record player for myself. It was an essential to me-one that I had to have in my collection. It was a piece of my childhood that I remember and hold onto. Of course, as I got older, I began to recognize the incredible extent of the influence Prince had on music and so much more, the unbelievable talent, and the sheer artistry of everything he did. He was daring,  always true to himself, and he set the bar so much higher. 

He could not be defined. He was a prodigy and a true artist, and I am sad tonight.

Cheers, Prince. Thanks for the memories. Rest in power.

To you, Prince. 

That guitar solo, though.

In case you needed reminding of possibly the best Superbowl Halftime Show ever. I forgot how good this was.